We have welcomed groups at GoodKaarma every summer since 2005.

A short tour and presentation on our history and soap making process are included for free.

It is possible to arrange catering for your group, normally it's coffee & cake, or soup, smoked fish or quiche & salad. Please contact us to arrange food in advance.

The GoodKaarma "soap farm" is ideal to include in your itinerary, being situated close to other popular Saaremaa attractions such as Kaarma Church/Hillfort, Kaali Meteorite Crater, & Kiratsi Saksa Pood ice cream makers. We are a short distance from road nr 79 (see Map/GPS page) which is a common route to the Angla windmills & Panga cliffs.

We hope that you will find your visit to GoodKaarma a highlight of your trip to Saaremaa. See the Map/GPS page for directions.

Please always book your group visit in advance.